Stroud & District Clay Club

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Stroud & District Clay Club

Q: Do you have a Membership scheme?

Yes, we have a membership scheme. The annual cost for membership is:

    £30 for an Individual, and

    £40 for a Family.

This entitles you to:

    Shoot in all the relevant competitions,

    Cheaper coaching if required, and

    A saving of £1 every time you shoot a round of DTL, Skeet or Sporting.

Q: How much does it cost?

Members: for Skeet and DTL, the cost per round is £6.50 and Sporting is: £7.50,

Non-Members: for Skeet and DTL, the cost per round is £7.50 and Sporting is: £8.50

Q: Do I have to have a Shotgun Certificate to shoot?

No, the Club holds a Section 11(6) certificate from Gloucestershire Police permitting a non-certificate holder to shoot either:
    Whilst having a lesson with one of the instructors at the ground, or
    You may be able to be escorted around the layouts with an instructor if you have some experience.
Please call us to discuss, rather than arriving and being disappointed...

Q: Where is the shooting ground?

Click here to see our Location page and directions.

Q: What are Clay Pigeons?

Sometimes people talk about Clay Pigeon shooting, rather than Clay Target shooting. In fact the targets have never looked like Pigeons!  And they aren't made of Clay!  They are saucer shaped about 4¼" in diameter and made of pitch.  Usually they're coloured black.  For Down-the-Line, they're often painted bright Orange for greater visibility.

Q: Are we open in all weathers?

Yes, we're open, regardless of the weather! If you have any doubts, give us a call on the mobile.

Q: Can my friends come to watch?

Of course! They are very welcome.

Q: Is it noisy?

Shooting is noisy and everyone taking part MUST wear ear protection. If you are attending Tuition, we will provide suitable ear defenders, otherwise you must come suitably equipped.