Stroud & District Clay Club

Shooting Sporting at Stroud & District Clay Club


English Sporting [or more usually: 'Sporting'] is a Clay target discipline that uses Clay targets to resemble the flight paths of different birds ['Teal' etc].
At Stroud & District Clay Club, Sporting is mostly carried out on Wednesday evenings and is mainly Compac Sporting, which uses five cages from which each shooter shoots from in turn; [shooters are usually referred to as 'guns']. The cages are for safety and also to ensure that the guns are safely pointing in the right direction for shooting; each gun shoots five targets from each cage and then moves along to the next cage.

Each gun will shoot 25 targets on a round; there are five different traps set in different places throwing Clays, so you may have a:
    Driven bird on one [a Clay target that is thrown from a trap towards the shooter], a
    Crosser [a Clay that crosses from left-to-right, or right-to-left in front of the shooter] on another, or a
    Teal [a Clay that is thrown steeply upwards, resembling the flight of a Teal].
The targets can be from any angle or distance. Each Shooter gets a single target to start, having full use of the gun (up to two shots at the single target), followed by a pair On Report [one Clay, followed by a second Clay when the first has been shot at] and finishing with a simultaneous pair [two Clays thrown at the same time].

Sporting is a very exciting discipline as you have an array of different targets coming from lots of different directions and at different speeds.