Stroud & District Clay Club

Group entertainment at Stroud & District Clay Club

We cater for groups of up to thirty in number; Male and Female alike. We have suitable guns and ammunition that have less kick for smaller framed clients and the ladies.

Group of people enjoying themselves

A typical session will last two hours and follows this pattern:
    You will be split into groups numbering upto seven in number (more than this then there'll be a lot of waiting around, not a good idea on a cold day).
    You will have an Instructor with each group who will give you one-to-one instruction as you progress around.
    You will shoot on three or four different stands with different degrees of difficulty.
    All groups will then usually be brought together for the Finale. This will normally be a fun shoot off between every one. (We will provide prizes for the winners by prior arrangement if you wish.)

We have used this format for a long time and we have always had happy customers. It works for Stag and Hen Parties and Corporate entertainment alike; the price per head is £50 all inclusive.