Stroud & District Clay Club

Tuition at Stroud & District Clay Club

What do we do?

We provide Tuition on: Sporting, Skeet and Down-The-Line, for Novices and Experienced shooters.

Tuition with Tim

We provide tuition for individuals, two or three people who are aged 10 or over.
We start with a safety briefing and we expect you to adhere to this. You don't need to have a shotgun; we'll provide one suitable for you. If you have your own, then bring that with you, although you'll have to demonstrate that you have a current Shot Gun Certificate. We'll provide cartridges, although if you have your own gun, then bring your favorite cartridges if you'd prefer. Please note that 28g loads is the maximum.

If your friends want to come, they are welcome, but they won't be able to take part: the tuition is for you; they can only watch and admire.

We have public liability insurance to cover tuition but would rather not claim on this: listen to the safety briefing.

What do you have to do?

Tuition with Tim     Book in advance!
    Dress in suitable clothing, particularly in the wintertime; maybe bring a waterproof coat and some thickish shoes.
      Please Ladies: no high heels!
      Remember you'll be standing in the countryside for an hour or more and it can be cold.
    Be prepared to enjoy yourself!

What must you NOT do?

    Just turn up without booking.
    Drink alcoholic drinks or appear to be inebreated.
    Bring a dog. If you do, please leave it in your car or be supervised by someone else. Dogs must always be on a lead.